Liệu bạn đã biết 25 Topic đó là gì chưa? Cùng mình khám khá nhé các bạn UNETI


  • I like music
  • Pop Music is my favorite type
  • I cannot sing
  • I didn’t learn music at school
  • If I could learn a musical instrument, it would be guitar
  • I think music is important


  • I go to school by bus
  • My favorite mode of transport is water
  • I use bublic transport almost every day
  • I like the transport system in my country
  • In longer distances, trains tend to be more faster as compared to bus.


  • Playing video games is my favorite leisure activity
  • I enjoy watching TV in my free time as a child
  • I prefer to spend your free time alone
  • Going to the park is a common leisure activity in my country
  • Most people in my country get only one day off a week
  • I think leisure time is important


  • I go online on a daily basis
  • I use internet to update myself on my friends’ most recent activities.
  • I use Google Chrome to get online
  • I have my own computer
  • com is my favorite website
  • I don’t think children should be allowed unsupervised access to the Internet


  • I often watch TV
  • I watch travel shows and history channel on TV
  • My favorite TV program is breaking news
  • I used to watch foreign programs or films on TV
  • When I was a child, I watched cartoons
  • I think children should occasionally watch TV


  • Most of my news comes from online sources.
  • I read newspaper once a week
  • I usually follow news about sales in my neighborhood
  • Most people get the news in my country through Internet.
  • I think international news is important


  • I like sports
  • My favorite sport is football.
  • I often watch sport on TV
  • I played football as a child
  • Football is the most popular sport in my country
  • Most people in my country keep fit by going to gymnasiums.


  • I have a cat as my pet
  • I love animals
  • Cat is my favorite animal
  • Dogs and cats are popular pets to have in my country
  • I have a pet as a friend
  • People have pets because pets are cute and make people feel comfortable after a hard working day.


  • I like like shopping
  • I tend to go for reasonably priced local stores
  • I prefer shopping with others
  • There are various kinds of shops near my place, from clothing to accessory stores
  • I often buy things online because it’s more convenient and I don’t have to go out frequently.
  • In my opinion, men dislike spending too much time and energy on shopping or browsing through different stores.


  • I read every day
  • I love reading poems, the beauty and rhythm of language has the ability to calm and relax me.
  • I read newspaper once a week
  • I have some e-books
  • As a child, I read fairy tales
  • I think it is important to encourage children to read.


  • I like all types of music, but my favorite type of music is Country music
  • I listen to that type of music every day
  • I listen to that type of music at home
  • I listen to that type of music with my roommate
  • I like Country music because the tempo is easy to follow and lyrics are easy to remember.
  • If I could learn a musical instrument, it would be guitar


  • I used to use bublic transport such as bus service.
  • I like the public transport system in my country because it’s convienient and affordable
  • There is a public transport stops near my house
  • I find it convenient to take public transport, I can use bus service to go to famous attractions and to the airport quickly inspite of the traffic jam
  • I have to pay about 8.000 VND for travelling by public transport. I think is it cheap


  • I usually listen to music in my spare time
  • When I was in grade 7 and 8, I was keen on drawing and painting in Japanese manga’s style. I used to stay up all night just to finish my drawing and went to school the next morning with my tired eyes.
  • I prefer to spend my spare time with someone else, like my best friends or my family members. Simply having a good gossip about the latest news would be very enjoyable for me.
  • I think the most common thing Vietnamese people like to do in their leisure time is surfing the internet.
  • I think leisure time is important. It brings about the chance to balance one’s life and reduce stress.


  • I enjoy entering Youtube
  • I enter Youtube every day
  • I often spend at leats 2 hours surfing on Youtube
  • When entering Youtube, I search for funny videos about animals
  • I like Youtube because I makes me relaxed and happy after a hard working day


  • There are many advantages of watching TV
  • Television can helps us to relax. Besides, TV is very informative, when you using television you can a lot of news happening in the world. Moreover, TV actually has some positive impacts on us because when watch we we do not need to worry too much about receiving false information or harmful content when watching TV, all we need to do is choose programs that are suitable for age and interest.
  • Watching TV a beneficial activity for kids, for teenagers and for adults
  • I watch TV every day
  • I spend 2 hours a day watching TV
  • I often watch travel shows and history channel on TV because they are informative and relaxing at the same time


  • I like reading online newspapers
  • I spend 30 minutes a day reading online newspaper
  • I often read international news
  • Because foreign news is very interesting as they can help me enrich my horizons
  • Social media platforms like Facebook can keep you updated with what’s going on around the world.


  • Football, also called association football or soccer, is a game in which two teams of 11 players, using any part of their bodies except their hands and arms, try to maneuver the ball into the opposing team’s goal.
  • I like watching football
  • I watch football matches once a week
  • I like playing football
  • I play football twice a month
  • I often play football with my friends
  • I think playing football is good for my health. Because it not only reduces stress and bad cholesterol of body but also relaxes out spirit after a hard working day


  • I like online shopping
  • Online clothing shop is my favorite
  • I often buy clothes and appliances online
  • I think shopping online is convenient and comfortable. Because Online shops give us the opportunity to shop 24/7, and also reward us with a ‘no pollution’ shopping experience. There is no better place to buy informational products like e-books, which are available to you instantly, as soon as the payment goes through.


  • I read books every day
  • I am completely taken by fiction because it provides a good escape from the day-to-day routine of life. Reading fiction is also a great way to take an immediate break, to be instantly transported into another world.
  • I have some e-books
  • I read fairy tales as a child
  • I think it is important to encourage children to read books. Because a book can take us anywhere: to another city, to a different country, or even to an alternative world. By reading a book, a child learns about people, places, and events that they couldn’t learn otherwise. This gives children a deeper understanding of the world around them and cultures that are different from their own.


  • I think it’s cheap when traveling by bus. Because when you think how much money you have saved up with bus travel instead of let’s say, traveling by car (gas costs, toll costs, etc.), then it is pretty much obvious why buses are the most economic option.
  • Travelling by bus helps reduce pollution. Because traveling by public transportation uses less energy and produces less pollution than comparable travel in private vehicles.
  • I travel by bus every day
  • My unforgettable experience: Because the bus was too crowded, I once fainted on the bus


  • I read comic books every day
  • My favorite comic book is “One piece”
  • I like “One piece” because because it has good content and many meaningful stories
  • I read “Co Tien Xanh” as a child
  • I think it is important to encourage children to read comic books. Because it’s an important component of successful comprehension and a valuable life skill for all young children to develop. Comic books can increase inference in young children by encouraging them to “read between the lines” and infer meaning from the images.


  • I like reading online magazines
  • I spend 1 hour a day reading online magazines
  • I often read sports magazines
  • I choose sports magazine because it’s colorful and I love sports
  • When reading sports magazine online, I can easy find images and videos about sports news I care. Besides, I can also leave comments and discuss about them


  • There are many advantages of watching TV
  • TV has negative effects, especially for children. Some movies contain violence or crime. Therfore, the evil influence of televison on the young generation is inevitable.It encourages them to commit crime, or make children grow up to be violent adults. Morever, watching television too much makes us passive. When watching TV, our brains don’t need to work. Therefore, our brains become lazier. Watching TV too much is also bad for our eyes. This is the main cause that leads to short-sightened.
  • Watching TV is a harmful activity for kids, for teenagers and for adults
  • Watching too much television is not good for your health. Television makes us antisocial, taking the place of family and friends and It’s a waste of time watching TV sowmehow.


  • I had a dog when I was 10
  • I called my dog “Cloudy”
  • My dog likes eating fried fish and stew vegetables
  • I take my dog for a walk every day in a park near my house
  • What I like most about my dog is that he is very protective of family however he knows the difference between play fighting and when there is a serious attack.
  • One day, my dog started having trouble getting up to go outside. A trip to the vet confirmed the worst. He had a circulatory disorder and it was progressively getting worse. After receiving the bad news, we kept him comfortable, showered him with love and affection, and cherished each moment with him until the day came when he could no longer raise his head up or stand on his own.


  • I had a beautiful dream last night
  • It was about my crush
  • I invited him to dinner and we all felt very happy
  • I usually dream of my family and friends

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